Your next event's check-in? Sorted.

Forget the pain caused by paper lists, manual checks, last minute changes, and pre-printing thousands of badges that later need to be slowly searched by your staff. Oh, and say goodbye to check-in queues once and for all.

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Face Recognition

Facial recognition enables a check-in process that is fast, secure and with a guaranteed WOW-effect. We have developed a robust and efficient technology capable of handling any kind of event with unprecedented speed.

QR Code

Simple yet efficient, QR codes are an event-industry standard and we fully support and leverage them. We issue our own codes and recognise third-party ones as well for maximum compatibilty as to adapt to your ticketing provider of choice.

Live Badging

Automatically print each attendee’s badge in real-time and in less than 3 seconds. The printed information is customisable and can include the first name, last name, company, position and ticket code. One can also change the details on the spot!

Ready, set, go!


We natively integrate with all ticketing or booking platforms in order to import all of your sold tickets. Alternatively, the attendee list can be easily brought to the platform using an Excel or CSV file. Doing so lets us send out all of the digital tickets via email including a QR code and a link to the face recognition onboarding process.


Our team will take care of the on-site installation and set-up of the entire system. We provide assistance and technical support during the whole event timespan. The installed kiosks will be used to check-in attendees, print personal badges, monitor walk-in flows and receive live notifications upon VIPs’ arrival. Enjoy smooth check-in operations!


Monitor the check-in flow in real-time by having access to precise data on how many people have arrived. Once the event is over, you will have a clear view on its performance through key metrics. A detailed report will be generated to let you analyse the show-up rate, hourly walk-in numbers and visitor attendance at each session.


The quoted price includes the software integration, hardware rental, delivery, installation and on-site technical support for the whole duration of the event.


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